Mission statement

We work to join the most advanced desktop publishing technology together with the most traditional typographer's craftsmanship. At the same time, we offer our skills in digital typography and in the most advanced tools used in the field; TeX (mainly according to the LaTeX set of macros) without forgetting plain TeX and ConTeXt).

Our services

We are located in Italy and open to work with clients from all over the world. Our main activity is focused on LaTeX publishing, either performing all the steps of the publishing task or, on customer's request, attending to just some particular aspects. We offer:

  • layout of books, journals, articles and Ph. D. theses;
  • creation of classes and packages aimed to specific needs;
  • graphic design;
  • conversion between different formats of documents;
  • basic and advanced courses about LaTeX;
  • development of LaTeX sections inside Mathematics
  • education websites.

Our workflow is usually divided in three parts:

  • analysis of the drafts sent by customers (which can be manuscripts, documents in electronic format or simply ideas to develop);
  • preparation of the "workbench", by searching the best open source software solutions;
  • fulfilment of the document to submit to customer's evaluation.

Our skills and knowledge in the publishing area allow us to typeset every kind of document. Our education and past experience make our work particularly tailored to the following areas:

  • science (mostly mathematics and physics);
  • critical editions;
  • essays.

Why to choose us?

The main advantage for you is that we work using only open source software, therefore we can propose very competitive prices. In other words, it does not make any difference if you are, for example, a researcher who wants a professional typesetting of an article draft or if you contact us on behalf of a company, small business or university; in both cases you will not have to face high rates due to management of commercial software by us. A further benefit is the subsequent support to the documents we make, perfectly tailored to your future requests.

Please contact us for further information; we will give you a free quote and arrange a plan to find a solution for your request.