Massimiliano Dominici

About myself

I was born in 1970 in Pitigliano, Tuscany (Italy) and have been living in Pisa since 1989. I work into the digital typography area since 2004, using exclusively TeX and free software.

I have worked for some Italian publishing companies in Italy, mainly related to scientific subjects (Fabrizio Serra editore, ETS, Edizioni della Normale, Ca' Foscarina, Aracne). On behalf of the Aracne publishing company I have developed their LaTeX class (with Gianluca Pignalberi).

I have been working since 2006 on the typesetting of the Italian National Edition of the mathematical works by Francesco Maurolico (Edizione Nazionale dell'Opera matematica di Francesco Maurolico); though the printed edition has not yet seen the light of day, I have acquired the necessary skills in order to work on a critical edition.

I am an active member of the Italian TeX community, gathered around the GuIT group, whose I have been president from 2007 to 2010. I have also founded ArsTeXnica, journal of the GuIT group, being also the first editor and a member of the editorial staff at the present time.


I am the author of some LaTeX extensions: